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last DB update: 15.06.2003  
from Blitzkrieg v1.2 (german iso)  

Welcome to Blitzkrieg Units DB v1.0!

The purpose of this website is to provide all players of Blitzkrieg (developed by Nival Interactive, published bei CDV)
a searchable database, containing statistical information about every single unit or weapon, appearing in the game.

The source of the Database is the game itself: We analyzed and extracted parts of the original CDRom
and converted the data into a MySQL database: Accessible for everyone who is able to use a webbrowser.

The reason for creating this project was that the original manual or ingame stats do not cover all the information
which can become quite important in order to compare enemy units or figure out tactics.

Recent changes

15.06.2002, 15:00
Version 1.0 FINAL is released!
- updated database to v1.2
- added online manual

Link to us!

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