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Dernière mise à jour: 15.06.2003  
de Blitzkrieg v1.2 (german iso)  

Revision History

Cette page n'est disponible qu'en anglais.

v1.0 02.09.2014
- moved site (100 mbit/s)
- fixed broken navigation (thanks to andrzej)

v1.0 06.05.2004 - maintenance
- moved to a different host (again).
  the previous server wasn't relyable at all, now the site is moved back to x1-server.
- fixed a nasty bug (php claiming some include has been loaded already) due a php upgrade
  sorry for the downtime, we were not aware of this issue. tnx to kai for pointing it out.
- site is back at 2mbit/s ;-)

v1.0 04.02.2004 - REAL FINAL
- moved to a different host.
  the project gets not as much traffic as in 2003 (lack of interest), so we pointed dns to console++ office.
  yeah, it's a bit slower. ;-)

v1.0 28.01.2004 - dev
- fixed policy link and removed newsletter form (showing a link to 72dpi)
- changed stupid message on top of page.

v1.0 23.12.2003 - dev
- stamped header image w/ Console++ watermark + updated logo at credits-page
- added stupid message to top of page (will remain for some days.. dunno)

v1.0 14.10.2003 - dev
- back at full speed! reinstalled ioncube php accelerator.

v1.0 30.09.2003 - dev
- while the crew was on holiday, a corrupt backup script removed the entire project folder.
fuck, we're getting unprofessional.

v1.0 01.09.2003 - dev
- again, impressive downtime.
the server-harddisc crashed and everything was just gone. good thing people make backups ;-)
- disabled ioncube php accelerator
- reinstalled webserver (frame, ilona)

v1.0 22.08.2003 - dev
- huge downtime due server relocation and software-package updates.
now the connection is WAY faster as the server is just three hops away of
vivibb.vbs.at (austrias fastest router), instead of eight - as before ;-) (frame, ilona)

v1.0 09.08.2003 - dev
- fixed two broken images (thanks to steve partz)

v1.0 25.07.2003 - dev
- short downtime due php upgrade (ilona, frame)

v1.0 17.07.2003 - dev
- verified OSX Safari v1.0 compatibility (thanks to reco, also for 1gb ram for my G3)
- added http://www.glowb.de/top/top.htm counter
- handled about 200 support emails :O (ilona, frame)

v1.0 (final) 15.06.2003
- updated database to v1.2
- added online manual
- cleaned up project; deleted about 500mb of backup data and test-files.
- added gorillaz banner ;-) (ilona)

v0.99 09.05.2003 - dev
- added google index-patch - now the full (english) site should be indexed.
- fixed 100% table at unit-upgrades (was way too wide)
- improved logger access -> no more denied cookie
v0.99 06.05.2003 - dev
- finished russian utf-8 search engine => russian version is released, however beta ;-)
  guess some strings need to be a bit shorter -> not really 1024 compilant

v0.99 05.05.2003 - dev
- current language is no longer lost when subscribing to the newsletter.
- fully integrated russian utf-8 version - nonpublic at the moment. search is still beta.

v0.99 26.04.2003 - dev
- fixed weapons cache: some units (14 were affected, like the M26 Pershing)
did not show the correct weapons/shells. (ilona)

v0.99 25.04.2003 - dev
- added 4 more random images at content-pages. god i'm bored... (ilona)

v0.99 24.04.2003 - dev
- fixed a translation issue: memorizing the first unit returned a german javascript message.

v0.99 21.04.2003 - dev
- fixed show/hide details - hide template was broken, tztz (ilona)
- fixed some typos (ilona)

v0.99 20.04.2003 - dev
- fixed tiny bug with 'altitude' at compare page

v0.99 13. - 19.04.2003
- russian version is fully prepared, including cyrillic output + search.
// waiting for translation....
- added show/hide details (for much faster page loading) (thanks to ralf brauer for idea)
- fixed some typos (ilona)
- added newsletter subscription (marc)
- added experience levels to all units
- added online manual (alpha - english only atm)
- added PowerPhlogger Stats (www.phpee.com) - great product!!
- added french localization!
- added german localization!
- added sort-field
- tried some tweaks with ion cube accellerator. was temporarily disabled, but prooved to be very stable.
- rearranged layout: moved some unimportant fields into the textarea
- tweaked search for multilingual support (marc)
note: no other bugfixes ;) - next release will therefore be final

v0.98 07.04.2003
- removed all price, km, shots per secs, etc calculations. it's impossible to guess/calc. the correct values.
- added action-icons!
- added action table + analyzation of 'bit arrays' -> hell, this was 6 hours work.
- fixed compare-cookie bug! sorry, you will loose your old memorized units ;-(
- got offical 'ok' from cdv!!
- first preperations done for localizations (french, german)
- fixed two performance flaws in co.ma (marc)
- added infantry icon (ilona)
- added php ion cube accellerator to serialkiller (-0.3s improvement)
- added caching-system for fast page redering at server (-1.5s improvement after the complex weapon/bitarrays integration)
- redesigned weapon-information: showing all information about ammunition
- !! restructured weapons/guns/shells tables!! now ALL possible information is displayed.
- re-aranged header_html -> navigation is now always visible while waiting for the db-query 
- !! rewrote import script for weapons! now all possible information is displayed
  all import scripts are now (and finally) running for 30 secs ;-)
- added dev-server for debugging (seperate db/webspace) for beta-testers
- hit alt-s at every page to set cursor to search field
- hit alt-p at every page to set cursor to page field
- you can now press RETURN at the toolbar to start search/page switch
- fixed an import-bug at data.pak:Units/Technics/Common/tankpit.xml (nival has an inconsistence here?)
- removed 'weapons'-link under 'unit database' -> did not make any sense as the weapons-configurations heavily depend on the unit

v0.95 02.04.2003
- added 'altitude' to all flying objects
- added 'ceiling' to units-listpage
- fixed keyname, _alt and _pretty: the unit-title wasn't displayed at most humans/misc. units
- added maxhight TO OUTPUT
   -> however i'm not really satisied with it. still don't know how to figure out the VERTICAL attack-range.
- added keyname_pretty from /unit_id/name.txt as unit-titles, instead of the old short keyname.
- added Units/rpg_rotatespeed
- fixed Units/rpg_price: was integer, not float
- fixed Units/rpg_uninstallrotate: was integer, not float
- fixed Units/rpg_uninstalltransport: was integer, not float
- fixed Guns/recoillength: was integer, not float
- fixed Guns/disperson: was integer, not float
- fixed Guns/aimingtime: was integer, not float
- fixed Guns/relaxtime: was integer, not float
- added all weapons (as links from the units) - the import script now runs for 15 sec...

v0.91 30.03.2003
- added real austrian 'helmet', thanks ilona.. ;p
- changed un-compare/compare text from document.write to a gif-image,
  in order to show the status change immediatly
- removed a bug at 'jump to page': now always shows '1'
- fixed favicon....
- UPDATED TO v1.1 of the retail version
- fixed a tiny bug in the update-script. well, v1.1 update wasn't 100% seamless but it's now... 
- fixed some typos
- added 'kg' to weight output
- fixed a minor at compare-js: "KEYNAME, " was added to the cookie instead of "KEYNAME,"

v0.9 29.03.2003
- BETA 0.9 released!
- added news
- added 'sorry' page for weapons.
- fixed ammo (did not use the correct value)
- added credits page
- added help page
- fixed some pixels in the header.jpg
- fixed some mozilla issues
- fixed toolbar
- added compare (yeah)

v0.8 28.03.2003
- added weapons list to output (links to detailpage, tbd later)
- added defences again... ;-) maybe needed later. only output is disabled.

v0.7 27.03.2003
- btw, the game itself is great ;-)
- removed defences. the values are always the same, except for some special trains. unimportant imho
- fixed some db output (html)
- minor field fixed (categories were not assigned correctly)
- added owner (Allies, German, USSR, Other)
- with all the new units from retail v. the script now runs for 5 secs, including mysql insert. not bad at all...
- got blitzkrieg final version!!! converted the import script from the demo version to the retail version.

v0.6 26.03.2003
- added db output to site
- added static pages (feedback, index)
- added navigation / structuretree
- added design
- fixed some coma bugs.. 

v0.5 25.03.2003
- added icon-copy exception, if no icon found
- added headline fix, if no keyname present -> uses FOLDERNAME, not nul
- added fix if icon is already present at final location.

v0.4 24.03.2003
- added icon-copy
- wrote tga -> png converter
- added revision history

v0.3 23.03.2003
- added defences
- added armour

v0.2 22.03.2003
- added Humans (rewrote root_vars in order to start from a earlier point in the tree
- missunderstood the guns/weapons issues... grrr -> units have guns -> need to import another xml (Weapons/*)
- wrote sh-script to automagically launch the import script and execute mysql blitzkrieg < blitzkrieg.sql
- moved some dev files to non-public accessible locations

v0.1 20.03.2003
- import script finally works ;-) damn these 1.xml.
- db setup (based on varnames from the 1.xml's)
- setup vhost on serialkiller
- added emails

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