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last DB update: 15.06.2003  
from Blitzkrieg v1.2 (german iso)  

Online Manual

Blitzkrieg is pretty complex game: A lot of depencies are ment to be understood in order to play the game successfully. This page covers the most important aspects behind the math of the game. If you have questions please post them in the official Blitzkrieg forum - there are lots of people who have good knowledge!!

Action Icons

 Ambush   Suppressive Fire   Attack  
 Build Bridge   Build Barbed Wire Fence   Clear Mines  
 Deploy Artillery   Load selected units into structure or vehicle   Entrench  
 Formation   Forced Movement   Build Anti-Tank Obstacle  
 Lay Mines   Range Area   Repair  
 Resupply   Reinforce   Observe  

These icons represent the basic abilities each unit has, like the neccessarity of a transporter/carrier for movements (no 'Move'-icon)
or the ability to attack an enemy ('Attack'). Next, they stand for the availability of special options like 'Observe', 'Suppressive Fire', etc.

For further information on every action please read the original manual or have a look at the ingame-tooltips.

Variable names

  • Range: The distance the unit can attack an enemy. There is a min. and max. value.
  • Sightpower: The distance the unit can see an enemy.
  • Ceiling: The distance in kilometers the unit attack airplanes (compares max_height).
  • Armour: A unit can only be damaged if Piercing is higher than the Armour.
    A unit has 6 sides of different armour, top, left, right, bottom, front and back.
    Blitzkrieg itself threats left/right and top/bottom as one value (may not apply to mods).
  • Piercing: An enemy unit may only be damaged if Piercing is higher than it's Armour. Does not affect Hitpoints (HP).
  • Damagetype: The four different ways of 'hurting' the enemy is: Hitpoints, Armour, Smoke and Morale.
  • (Damage) Area: The radius of area damage to the lying soldiers and objects such as trees.
  • (Damage) Area 2: The radius of area damage to the standing soldiers.

  • Firerate = Relaxtime(of Weapon) * BonusRelaxtime(of Unit) + Firerate(of Shell) * BonusFirerate(of Unit)
  • Firerate (First shot) = Aimingtime + Firerate
  • Firerate of Burst weapons = IF Ammo per Burst(of Weapon) > 1
    THEN Ammo per Burst(of Weapon) / Firerate(of Shell) * BonusFirerate(of Unit).
  • Damage = IF Armour(of Enemy-Unit) < (Piercing(of Unit) + Piercingrandom(of Unit))
    THEN Damage = Damagepower(of Unit) + Damagerandom(of Unit).
    See Also Damage Area and Damage Area 2

Website Help

Accessing and using the database is quite simple:

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