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Dernière mise à jour: 15.06.2003  
de Blitzkrieg v1.2 (german iso)  


Cette page n'est disponible qu'en anglais.

15.06.2002, 15:00
Version 1.0 FINAL is released!
- updated database to v1.2
- added online manual

31.05.2002, 22:30
New version ahead, with the Blitzkrieg 1.2 update and the online manual.

19.04.2003, 20:40 cet
Version 0.99 is released!
New: French Version
New: German version
New: Experience-page of Units
New: Online Manual (Alpha Version)
Added: Sorting
Improved: Loading times

07.04.2003, 11:20 cet
We're at version 0.98! What a week... We did a major reprogramming of the weapons-import and improved tons of things.
The database now contains everything *there is*, multiple ammunition, secondary weapons and all fields that are useful for playing, ..
Also some big performance-tweaks have been done. All-in-all we're getting close to the final (non beta) release.

Please provide feedback by submitting bugs or sending us your ideas for improvements.

02.04.2003, 02:25 cet
Version 0.95 is ready! Now all weapons are included and displayed.
Note: Some descriptions seem to be wrong!? For Example the '12_7_mm_Vickers_MKI_GB' says it's range is 6.4km,
but the XML file tells me it's just 2km: we'll check this until the final release.

01.04.2003, 15:42 cet
Removed all weapon-info from the site. We're preparing to integrate all weapons-related infos in 1-2 days...

30.03.2003, 16:30 cet
Updated Database to Blitzkrieg v1.1! Number of Units in DB: 302

29.03.2003, 14:00 cet
Version 0.9 just got released - the first public beta.
Please provide feedback by submitting bugs or sending us your ideas for improvements.

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