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last DB update: 15.06.2003  
from Blitzkrieg v1.2 (german iso)  

Units Database

The Units Database allows you to browse through the game-internal Military Database of Blitzkrieg.

The source we use is the game itself: All information has been ripped by a smart & quick php script:
It searches through the original data.pak file (located on the original CD-Rom), extracts everything (thanks to xml ;-)
and writes the collected data into a MySQL database.

This method ensures there are 100% valid and typos-free entries. Upcoming, official patches can be applied very easisly.

We hope you like it!

Ready? Start by picking a Unit-Type from the navigation (Allies, German, USSR, ...)

IMPORTANT: We have noticed that some users posted messages in forums with direct links to the unit-images
-> please don't do this, as the folder names are dynamic and *WILL* change frequently: your links will become invalid.

Link to us!

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Stuck? Have a look at the Online Manual.

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